These Anmao bags are great for many things beyond using them as a lunchbox for yourself and/or the kids. 

Anmao’s Striped Bag Set features:

• Handmade

• 2 piece set 

• (1) Red & White Striped

• (1) Navy and White Striped 

• Polyester material

• EPE form inside 
• Insulated

These bags make great lunch bags for the kids, school or college alike. There is plenty of room in them for anything the kids are taking for lunch. 

I am using mine as a cosmetics bag. They make great bags to carry your toiletries in for those weekend trips, business trips or vacationing. I use one of them for carrying my cosmetics on trips to see my Dad, and the other I use at home as a cosmetics bag.   I really like this size, even though they come in a bigger size. It fits what I need perfectly. 




I purchased this product at a reduced cost for the purpose of testing and giving my honest feedback on the product. This review represents my own personal feelings and opinions about this product and is free from any outside influences.