This is the large size bag, however it comes in a smaller 2 piece set with a red striped bag and a navy striped bag. This is great for a lot of things. 

Anmao’ Striped Bag features: 

• Handmade 

• Polyester material

• EPE form inside

• Red and white striped 

I like this size bag for me to carry my large can of hair spray and toiletries in for weekend trips to see my Dad. The smaller sized bags are not big enough to carry it. I can also put my hair dryer in this large bag. It has been tagged as a lunchbox but for me I immediately saw other options to use this for. I’ve also used it to carry my large thermos in on weekend excursions, trips to the dog park, etc. I think you will really like this bag. Your imagination is the limit of what it can be used for. 





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