Let’s face it ladies, (not just ladies but everyone) cleansing your face daily is a must. We need great cleansing to keep our faces clean and clear of acne and breakouts. Foxbrim has a great line of products, this one is the Honey Facial Cleanser. 

Foxbrim’s Honey Facial Cleanser contains: 

• Coconut Milk 

• Honey 🍯 

• Vitamin E

• Rosemary

• Jojoba Oil 

• Organic Aloe

• Rosemary 

This formula is made of Natural and Organic Botanical ingredients. These ingredients work to gently wash, renew, and moisturize the skin with the Soothing Aloe, the Hydrating Coconut Milk and the Purifying Honey Gel. It removes dirt and impurities, improves the elasticity of your skin, helps to smooth and prevent wrinkles, and repairs damaged skin. This Cleanser comes in a convenient 6 oz pump dispenser. I like this size because it easily fits into my overnight bag so it travels well. It also comes in a bottle that can be recycled. 

As I age, (faster and faster every day), I try to keep it simple by using natural cleansers, toners and moisturizers that are gentle on my maturing skin but still net me the results I am seeking. I like that this Cleanser has a very unassuming scent. It doesn’t clash with my toner and moisturizers, that routinely do have some scent to them. This is a nice, lightweight formula that glides on easily and cleanses thoroughly, leaving my skin feeling hydrated and revived. I follow this Cleanser with one of my favorite Foxbrim toners, either the Orange Blossom Water or the Lavender Mist. Both are very good. 

I like that this product can be used by either sex… preteens, teens, or grownups like myself. I imagine it may appeal more to the ladies, but the fact that it has a barely-there scent, I suspect it should be no problem for either sex to use. 

Amazon Product ID: B019JS96GC

Item Weight: 6.1 ounces 




I purchased this product at a reduced cost for the purpose of testing and giving my honest feedback on the product. This review represents my own personal feelings and opinions about this product and is free from any outside influences.